Award Nominations

Award Nominations for Woman Oncologist of the Year and Rising Star 

LEAD is pleased to announce a call for nominations. The LEAD faculty have developed the below criteria to recognize women leaders in hematology/oncology.

There will be 2 awards presented at the first LEAD conference in Santa Monica this October.

Woman Oncologist of the Year

This award will honor a senior professional who is a respected individual in her field and who has modeled excellence in leadership. This woman exhibits strong business acumen and the ability to share her skills with others.

  • Individual must be a practicing physician
  • Individual who has empowered other women in hematology/oncology
  • Individual who has been prominently published
  • Individual who has excelled at mentoring or coaching other women or colleagues
  • Individual who helps to advance other women to leadership positions
  • Individual who advocates for gender equity in the workplace
  • Individual who contributes to discussions on personal care issues such as work-life balance, relationship wellness, interpersonal dynamics, etc.

Rising Star

  • Individual must be a practicing physician
  • Individual who is in the early stages of her career (Less than 7 years post fellowship)
  • Individual who demonstrates commitment to excellence
  • Individual who has been published
  • Individual who contributes to her current institution, in various areas
  • Individual who is committed to transforming the current norm and/or advocating for gender equality
  • Individual who is currently holding leadership positions or is a committee member either at her institution or a society

For either nomination type, the following items must be submitted to

  • Letter of nomination detailing the contributions of the individual
  • Any additional letters of support
  • Nominee’s CV

Applications must be received by September 6, 2019.